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Go Global is an International Business Development firm that facilitates market entry into different regions, connecting Egypt to the world. We offer our clients a large array of services ranging from Export Readiness Assessment till the final stage of B2B matchmaking and closing the deals.

We are a team of experts with an accumulative experience of more than 80 years, who gained knowledge through hands-on experience in the export marketing and business development fields. We cooperate with subject matter experts from different sectors the thing that enables us to effectively serve different sectors and elevate the transition for local production businesses to becoming professional exporters.

In the past few years, we were able to build a strong global network of associates who have the same vision as we do, to facilitate market entry into their markets, and their market entry into Egypt too.

Our ultimate goal is to increase the Egyptian exports and number of exporters.



Go Global aims at being one of the most distinguished and reliable international business development firms in the Middle East and Africa, that catalyses the market entry of the region’s companies from different sectors to the global markets.


Export, Trade

Our mission is to enable and accelerate the export development of manufacturing companies from different sectors, through offering them the necessary export related consultations, training and coaching services during their different stages of their international growth.

Why Us?

Export Experts

Simply because we have a proven record and experience with tens of local and international clients whom we really put on the right track of exporting. Also, after defining the target markets, we are the best to:

  1. Conduct customized international market research for your company.
  2. Advise the best possible market entry strategies and develop the marketing plans.
  3. Organize effective B2B matchmaking.