Our eagerness for knowledge makes us
always diversifying and at the forefront

Go Global

Go Global is an international business development firm consisting of a team of experts with more than 80 years of cumulative experience in export marketing and promotion of goods in foreign markets. We offer our clients expert advice with regard to export market entry and related strategic decision-making in addition to staff capacity-building and coaching to ensure seamless market entry and effective follow-up.

During our past experience collaborating with SMEs through development projects in Egypt, we spotted a gigantic gap in various business development areas; including export business development. Hence, Go Global established Business Development Services Centre (EXPORT BDS), with a main focus on enhancing the export performance of companies. We provide a bouquet of services aiming to help current exporters as well as exporters-to-be in their various steps of internationalization, we do this in a valid scientific way, to ensure a sustainable export growth.

We are a key partner for numerous local and international development organizations specialized in export development. We have also established partnerships with like-minded consultancy firms in different countries to facilitate rapid market entry to their respective countries. So far we have partners in 29 countries Netherlands, Germany, UK, Poland, Romania, Kosovo, Georgia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Rwanda, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal, US, Canada, Brazil, Morocco, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate Oman, Bahrain, and UAE. Our contacts possess a wide reach to businesses in their countries.

Go Global for International Business Development is a member of the British Institute of Export & International Trade.

Our Story

The story of Mrs. Rania Habib, founder of Go Global, started in 1999, when she joined a prestigious multinational company as an export sales. For 12 years, she handled client orders from different countries in Europe, GCC, and Africa.

In 2011 the Arab Spring started in Egypt and the Arab region with its political and economic turbulence. This is when she started to think of helping SMEs in Egypt to export their products. Her vision was that Egyptian SMEs would need to search for new markets and expand their business beyond Egypt and the region. She figured out that this is not an easy task though, and requires a lot of knowledge and preparation, so she pursued her studies of International Marketing and Business Development.

In 2013, having the required on-hands experience mixed with extensive studies on the Internationalisation of SMEs, she established Go Global for International Business Development, and was able to disseminate the knowledge she gained through different training and coaching programs.

Her first consulting assignments started by projects with the most prestigious development organizations that support exporters from developing countries. This is where she practically learnt the game from the top-notch international consultants. She also started to build an agile team of Subject matter experts in different of International Business Development, who are brought on board of different projects.

Now our dream and vision are coming true! We are proud that in 7 years we became the preferred Egyptian partner of many export development projects targeting SMEs from different sectors, especially those targeting EU, US, and African markets. Hundreds of companies graduated from our programs, and we helped so many to achieve their international growth.

Now Go Global is also participating in international projects, transferring the export coaching knowledge we gained to other developing countries. We are always seeking for like-minded people who have the same vision like us to grow our network of cooperation.

At Go Global, we are able to transfer local successful businesses into successful exporters!

Our Vision

To be the export business development solutions provider and linkages creator that accelerates the globalization of Egyptian, Arab and African SMEs.

Our Mission

Go Global works on accelerating the export development of SMEs from different sectors, guiding them throughout different stages of their international expansion through an array of training, coaching and consulting services, making the best use of our strong capabilities in market research, coaching and networking. This is accomplished through a team of subject matter experts in international marketing and economics across different sectors.

Our Values

Our team of On-Job Coaching experts and a global network of market entry facilitators are the priceless intangible assets that we are always keen to nurture and flourish.

Ahead of the Curve
We are always striving to be ahead of the curve, always searching for new tools to help our customers in their market entries.

Entrepreneurial spirit
Our entrepreneurial spirit strengthens our ownership of every assignment we take.

Performance Enhancement
We never take success for granted, but always seek ways to enhance our performance and to sustain our business.

Eagerness to Knowledge
Our eagerness for knowledge makes us always diversifying and at the forefront.

We work with integrity and seek the benefit of our customers. Considering ourselves as a key player in their winning team

Our CSR Strategy

We pride ourselves for being advocates for Sustainable Development. Sustainability is a very important topic that we always bring to the table on our training and coaching sessions with all sectors.

At Go Global, we take CSR very seriously. That’s why we have targeted efforts towards youth, women, and the business community.

For youth, we are dedicated to continuously offer internships for undergraduates to help them develop their knowledge about the export business development. We also hire fresh graduates and offer them necessary training in soft skills and business-related topics to grow their capacity and help them develop their career path.

Being a women-owned company, we understand the hurdles that women entrepreneurs go through. That is why we are dedicated to join women-focused mentorship programs, to mentor younger female entrepreneurs and contribute to their empowerment.

We work on positively contributing to Egyptian Startups growth, so we conduct many Free of Charge workshops and webinars to create the necessary awareness about how to be ready for international growth and business development.