Export Readiness Assessment

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Export Readiness Assessment:

Many companies wish to start exporting their products and grow their markets, thinking that it is only a matter of finding the right buyer. But when they start the process, they realise they are not ready yet to do this job with minimal risks. Thus, from our experience, Export Readiness Assessment of companies is a necessary first step to make sure that a company can successfully start exporting. It is a checklist that helps identify the gaps, then we develop an action plan to prioritise actions to be export ready. We help you with deep analysis, then we develop a road map for you to export and grow your business successfully.

Are you new to exporting? Do you want to be Ready to Export? Then this service is for you!

About the Service

Who needs this service?

Any business that is aiming to export for the first time, or wish to grow their client base from 1 to several buyers.

What will happen if my Business doesn’t check its export readiness?

Many businesses lose a lot of money, time and effort in their attempt to export and then they may fail. It’s crucial for any business to have an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses as well as an insight on their global product demand, how competitive their product in the international market, and their supply capacity.

How does this service help me?

Export readiness assessment will help your business identify its main strengths that will help them in their exportation journey as well as identifying their gaps that should be solved to guarantee successful exportation.