B2B Matchmaking

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B2B Matchmaking:

The selection of distribution channels varies from one market to another, depending on the company’s product, production capacity and different target segments and buyer requirements. Go Global helps companies and organizations with identifying the possible distribution channels in each country and provides B2B matchmaking services with suitable buyers from the target segment.

Go Global also provides lists of buyers in specific countries with their detailed contact details.

About the Service

Who needs this service?

Any business that has the capability to export to an overseas distributor or a business that is looking for an overseas partner to develop their business. This partner could be a buyer or even a supplier of certain material.

What will happen if my business doesn’t get the B2B Matchmaking Service?

Finding the right trade partner is tricky and needs tons of time, money and effort to find, contact, and get a deal.

How does this service help me?

This service helps you find the right overseas partner or distributor that has a common interest, aims to achieve a win-win and is guaranteed and trusted.