Export Training and On-the-Job Coaching

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Export Training and On-the-Job Coaching :

Training and coaching are always complimentary. Training is the light that creates general awareness among our client’s staff about important issues, while coaching goes more in-depth to develop tailored solutions and provide on-the-job guidance during implementation.

At Go Global, we do both to help our clients define problems and enhance their performance by teaching them how to select the target market, identify the questions which need to be answered as part of the market research, generate leads and manage them, understand a buyer’s needs, develop a realistic action plan and how to best communicate with different cultures, etc. These are all critical skills that need to be developed to better position our clients’ products and services within the mind of a buyer.

About the Service

Who needs this service?
For SMEs who wish to expand their operation and aim to define their problems and enhance their business development and export performance.

What will happen if my Business doesn’t get training and coaching?

Training and coaching is a pillar for any organization that aims to learn more and enhance its performance. Getting a training, or training your employees will eventually help you grow your export business in ways you haven’t thought of before, using the best practices that are practiced globally by small and large companies.

How does this service help me?

You will gain a tailored training and coaching program for your organization needs that will focus on helping your team understand how to grow your international business and help them think beyond the export logistics to more of export business development.