About Us:

Go Global is an international business development firm that offers expert advice regarding export development. We have collaborated with multiple SMEs with the main focus on encouraging exports. Our services aim to help current exporters and exporters-to-be with internationalization and ensure export growth. We have also built relationships with multiple consultancies in various countries across the globe.


Go Global provides a bouquet of services aiming to help current exporters as well as exporters-to-be in their various steps of internationalization, we do this in a valid scientific way, to ensure a sustainable export growth.

Our Clients


If you are a Micro, Small, Medium or Large corporation, we have the right solution for you to help you grow your international business.
Our previous experience proved that our array of solutions is effective for startups growth as well as with Large corporations as we customize them based on what our customers actually need.


There is a growing need to diversify the sourcing markets, especially from the EU buyers. This gives Egypt an opportunity to take a bigger share due to its natural resources and geographic location. That is why many development agencies find an urge to help Egyptian SMEs develop their export marketing capacity, and to enhance the export ecosystem in Egypt.
Go Global plays different roles of the local partner/consultant of programs run by development organizations in Egypt and internationally. We manage, facilitate, and implement export business development projects. 

Market Entry in Egypt

If you are a foreign company that wants to expand into the Egyptian market, then we are here to help you! We facilitate the market entry of foreign companies into the Egyptian Market as we have the market knowledge, the right contacts, and know exactly what it takes a company to expand internationally.


Want to know Why Us?
Because we are experienced in International Business Development!

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  • Eng. Mahmoud Mamdouh El Araby
    The export team now is able to close the cycle of researching and develop complete marketing plan successfully. They have common understandings of international marketing concepts and have standardized methodology.
    Eng. Mahmoud Mamdouh El Araby
    International marketing manager ( El Araby Group )
  • Myesere Hoxha
    Your coaching in this highly complex field and the excellent service you provided is highly commendable.
    Myesere Hoxha
    Sigma BMC, Kosovo
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