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The gigantic company had a large export department with more than 25 employees who were coming from different backgrounds and have different roles in the export sales process. Some are responsible for business development and opening new markets, others handle foreign customer sales and order obtainment, others are handling logistics, customer service and order fulfilment. All of the team members were playing in harmony however, a general understanding of the international business development process and the role of each member in it to serve the general objective of the brand, was yet to be developed.

Solution and Approach

In order to enhance the internal understanding of international market research and business development process, we have conducted a Training Needs Assessment, in which we have identified the exact needs of the team. Then we have developed an International Business Development Training Program for 20 days which included all topics related to International Market Research, Export Marketing and Market Entry Strategies, Sales, and International Negotiation.


All the team members have a unified understanding of each other work, and everyone contributes to the development of the brand internationally in his place.